And we are home.

It’s 2:47 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) and we have been home from a nice family vacation in Hawaii for all of 14 hours.  In Hawaii it would be just about lunch time and this is what I hear from across the kitchen.

“I will take the, um, chocolate milk with thee um… cloud-eggs (read; scrambled eggs)  for myself and for my little brother the same.”

I look over to see my six year old son holding a small storybook in his hand with as much authority as any adult.

“Is that what you want or do you want something else?” He’s asking his baby-brother for approval.

“The menu says you can also have cheese quesadilla or a sandwich, Nutella, if you want.”

There is a pause while I realize that my–I just turned six and am all grown-up–kiddo is ordering lunch…from a menu…in a restaurant…where I am the waitress and ‘chef’! This is one of the residuals from vacationing and eating every meal out.

Ahhh, it was nice while it lasted and I guess I should be thankful that Big Brother is being kind to his mom and ordering things he knows mommy can ‘handle’ on her first day back to reality. Thank goodness he’s not ordering blackened Wahoo (ono) or anything with more than two ingredients…its the little things on a day like today.

I realized early today that it was going to be all about small triumphs when I chased both boys outside for a moment of peace and quiet. (Well almost quiet, you know how it is around here. There is the melody of non-stop kid talk, and always a chicken clucking or a parrot squawking. I am speaking figuratively of course in regards to “peace” and to “quiet”) . So as I was saying, I sat there basking in the almost quiet of their muted voices from outside the kitchen window when I caught myself following the conversation loosely. That’s when I had a realization that today would be a day of being thankful for small things. From the smartypants big boy(…who incidentally never stops talking. Never. Not on the toilet. Not in church. Not even when he’s asleep,)

“Hey. Listen. I need you to stop talking. Be quiet… I mean it. No talking. Zip it. You got me? Okay then.”

I had to smile. I know I probably should have cringed. The instruction coming from the big brother-whoneverstopstalking given to his little brother who is not even three yet.

Neverstopstalking  just quoted a momism from yours truely. Ha. Welcome home…

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