The Mother

She knows the divine in a way that only she can with her unencumbered ability to nurture and love to the magnitude of her being and in the fullness of her best and most complete part of her heart.

Even if she’s not perfect even if she’s broken a little, her heart still is mended by giving her love in a way only she can. She knows, intuitively, of our humanity and emotion even, sometimes, before we have sorted it.

When she lets herself be blessed and anointed in the bonds and trials that only a mother can know, when she gives away her heart, unrestricted and unconditional she is changed, weaker and stronger. Forged and fired. Tamed and made wild.

What she gives she will never get back. Time over trial, again and again she will offer tithing to the hearts of her babes and pour out her treasure for things unseen…

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