Will you think less of me…

He’s way too animated for his own good. Charming and willing to convince us all, one at a time, of that fact. He loves to engage strangers, tell stories, even lie if he thinks it will serve his purpose…

Why, yesterday I heard him telling a little girl he was five and a half when we both know he hasn’t even turned three yet…

I’m sure he thinks it’s a public service announcement and that is why every shoe squeak, every tummy gurgle, every burp, and yes every fart…even ones he thinks he heard but didn’t or thinks he smelled but it’s really someone’s egg salad, he pleasantly announces, “Ew, Mama! You farted!”

Church, library, grocery store…every time at the gas station…I guess he thinks petrol is the same as methane…

Anyway…will you think less of me that I’m answering each admonishment with, “excuse me, no honey, that was a burp…”?

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