Broken Feathers

Artist Sid Widmer

Artist Sid Widmer @

He never was fragile.
Even when she found him (mortally wounded) he was fierce.
Threatened to eat her.

Promised to.

Fire on his lips and a storm in his heart. His wings weren’t broken but he didn’t take to flight.
For days she fed him.

She fell in love with the idea of him.
Saw his storm.
Imagined his rain.

A secret in her heart whispered he wasn’t hers to keep.
she hushed the sound.
Watching and knowing.

Not yet.
She could not leave.
Could not set free a thing untamed and honest as the night.
She loved the black and how it can’t hide its darkness.

But her cage was still a cage and her intent turned selfish and she believed her need, made valid the bars.

So he flew away.

Then she remembered her intent.
Saw how her head had deceived her heart.
The lies she planted and the mess she’d made.
Got out her garden gloves and all the tools…

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