So she locks it away, keeps her eye on the key.

Her greatest achievement, her finest accomplishment, its less tangible, touchable and real than castles, and trophies, or even silver and gold.

She has children who are babes
and children who are grown,
a husband who’s her friend
and her lover.

She looks at her marriage and it’s ups
and it’s downs.
Sees she’s not perfect
and still it’s profound.

It’s part of her greatest achievement.

She fixes her gaze onto her kids
sees hearts that are pure.
That they smile,
feel love and that they tackle their fear.
That still they are learning, and searching for life.
They forgive and let go but don’t hide from a fight.
She feels pride, joy and dread as they embark on their flight.

It’s part of her greatest achievement.

When she sits with her lover
and can be honest and open.
When she’s willing not just able,
let’s go of her pride.
Sets it aside
along with contempt
and the judgments she hides.
When she forgives all her stumbles
and sees who she is,
then steps with intent,
won’t stop with “content”.

It’s part of her greatest achievement.

She looks in the mirror, sees who she could be.
Heart: black, cold, and hard.
Safe from the rain away from the pain.
But she locks that away.
Leaves her armor tucked inside and
the evil at bay.

Then she puts on her crown
and she dances around.
She’s fragile sometimes
and it does wears her down.

It’s part of her greatest achievement.

…then she thinks of the dark
an unholy sound.
Of hearts broken.
Falling down.

She knows what she wants and who she can be
and she just has to learn to stay strong.
Keep her eye on the key.

It’s part of her greatest achievement.

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