Travel Sinkhole

Or maybe another, better word, is tar sands (technically two words, but who’s counting?!)…as in the huge pit I feel mired in trying to decide if I should visit my sister…who lives on the other side of the country and take her two nephews with me…on a plane…instead of, you know hitchhiking. (which has crossed my mind…what’s the worst that could happen?)

At any rate it’s apparent that I need a real job. My boss won’t like me saying that, it’s a great job…even if it’s not “real” in the sense that I don’t yet make a trillion dollars doing it. It’s one of those fancy “work from home in your spare time and make tens of thousands of dollars” jobs. The ones you see on cardboard signs stapled to telephone poles, it’s one of those jobs. So far I am making tens, not thousands. That is okay though, it’s a start and I am gaining experience. Pretty soon I am sure I will make enough “tens of thousands” that a week long vacation with a sister who lives on the other end of the continent will be easy peasy. Srsly.

In the mean time, why did I not buy these damned tickets 54 days in advance? That’s the magic number apparently, and I am well past that. Hmfff.


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