Road Trip Tripping

As if I needed to prove how insane I am, what terrific use of poor judgment I posses, or thought I was proving I have nerves of steal. I decided to take a six hour, four hundred mile, road trip with a child entering his terrible threes, and a know it all six year old, by myself.

Good grief, remind me on the way home to switch the kids seats! Talk about back seat driver, the stinker (read, 6 year old) was like a derby announcer the whole way to the Oregon.

“Mama, you’re going too fast, now you’re going ten miles too fast, now you’re going 18 miles too fast, mama, I’m telling dada…mama you’re going to get a ticket or wreck the car…mama you’re going…”

To save myself from endless reprimand from both my mother and husband… I’ll stop there with his endless tattling. Save your breath hubby, and I won’t speed on the way home mom! Promise…

Of course I drive a race car…it’s incognito as an old Honda minivan so I stay off the radar of the boys in blue. Even the inside is tricked out in a disguise, or at least it is now, there’s a few peanuts and raisins stuck between the seats and a cup of coffee spilled on the floor, and the irreplaceable smooshed apricot on the floor boards.

I always give in to the urge to stop anywhere selling roadside produce. California is the best; local avacodo, artichoke, citrus, pit fruit, anything you want. Right now apricots and peaches are in season. Of course it’s unregulated when you buy it that way and my mom’s worry-wart-commentary occasionally breaks through the barriers I’ve set in place. It’s then that I wonder if my fruit has been washed, or was it sprayed with poo-tea? Covered in chemicals? Yet I still hand the fruit back to my babies, it’s good for you. And it’s good for me if it grants me a few minutes of silence.

It’s been a few days since we arrived in Oregon and the joys of visiting family have been more than exhilarating. We all remember what kind of chaos it is when I visit and everyone is ready to send me and my minions back home…thankfully I’ve almost forgotten how fun the trip up here was. Yeah. Can’t wait! 🙂 It’s too bad I broke the DVD player in the van…it’s going to be a good time.

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