The naked truth.

It’s half past 11:00 p.m. I’m far from home and just finished raiding the cupboards looking for my nightly fix. Sadly my baby sister seems to have no peanut butter stocked in her pantry and not enough almond butter that I can eat it and not feel guilty. If I’m totally honest it’s a blessing there’s no peanut butter, it’s my worst habit and I already ate my weight in licorice while driving up here!

You see, I just got here. Gave her less than 24 hours notice that I was in route for a six day visit. There was a sudden opening in my schedule and I needed to see the new (2 month old) baby. So I did what any self-respecting big sister does, dropped everything and got in the car.

I threw in kids, (2.8 years old and 6 in their car seats—yes in California kids stay in car seats till they are twelve or over 4’11…another story perhaps) bikes, clothes, snacks, candy (for the candy game I already told you about) and a small bag containing swimming suit, deodorant and several toothbrushes then headed off for a 800 hundred mile (round trip) road adventure for a meet-and-greet with baby Sweet Cheeks.

So here we are, in Oregon. It’s exciting, but I admit I do have a little performance anxiety…hoping I measure up as a big sis and an auntie!

And it’s with that anxiety that I climb into bed realizing I brought no night clothes. Normally I’d steal from the hubs but he’s at home alone, or we’d visit in the motorhome, or at least I’d feel more confident that no one would be up in the middle of the night but now with a new baby there’s no promise to that.

I’m wondering if it’s bad taste to sleep naked at someone else’s house…?

Truthfully, I did pull a card from the “men’s” play book. I brought no socks. I’m planning on buying some tomorrow anyway. Just going to be strong and not stop off for peanut butter.

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