A trial version of S&M!?! What?!?

I guess. I feel okay…Like close to normal,except I tend to cope with change a bit maniacally… Is that even spelled right?

Anyway, resisting urge to pretend to be a race-car driver, driving the mini van at her top speed of about 91mp on the freeway on my way to spend my millions of…um… Pennies, then eat a tub of double chocolate-peanut-butter-ice-cream, and or attempt running back to back half marathons…well, let’s be honest the first one might kill me so there is that…then it’s crossed my mind to start a blog that’s open to the public and confess all of my sins…except most of those involved other people and a secret is a secret… If I was ten lbs skinnier it crossed my mind to run naked through the downtown park amphitheater during a children’s musical song and dance program, I’ll be honest I don’t care about that ten pounds…I’m still considering it! I might go buy a new car, not really though since I get sick thinking about giving up any of my disposable income…so I’ve settled on a boob job…that or a trial S&M session. haha

Yeah I’ll be fine… It’s silly and I shouldn’t be wound up but I think that Teenager #2 leaving in late November, while still in high school, to go shack up with his sweetheart and Teen #1 now being gone far away, to a foreign country, took away my hope of a slow and easy transition…

This is how it was supposed to go: goto college, get Associates, move out (preferably across the street), get job, get Masters, get new job, move again…west coast, get doctorate…huh? I’m not being realistic…fine. You’re no fun! 😉

Okay, seriously considering a blog, but no secret divulging…or a boob job…maybe a tattoo…why do I have no tattoos?! Listen up all you other youngsters out there who are thinking about sprouting wings. Be considerate of your mother who has done nothing short of fall on her sword for you since you’s started to grow in her tummy… She’s more fragile than she thinks, she could do things she regrets or say things…or get that huge tattoo she’s been teasing about for twenty years.

The above response is a real email reply. One that I sent to a friend in the midst of an emotional crisis…(or at least someone else called it by that name) not too long ago. I was lucky enough to have someone who knew me past my smiles and past my jokes and beyond my penchant for going a tad over the top. Thanks! I am a lucky girl, and now I can laugh a little at myself…even if I did embarrass myself in the end.

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