Mermaids are the Breast

Not gonna fake it, or lie, I am tired with a capital T! I didn’t crawl into bed until 2:30- something this morning. A night like that can wreak havoc on your brain functions and today will be no exception to that loose rule. I am assured of this fact after the mermaid dream.

I woke up around 5:00 am sure, absolutely positive, that I was a mermaid. Boy was I disappointed! In my dream my hair was long with waves, still light brown, but flowing all the way to my ass, of course it wasn’t an ass, it was a tail but whatever. My stomach was perfectly toned and tanned (not too far from reality) and my belly button was bejeweled with a gem stone, pink. My tail had big shiny scales, like penny sized, and long flowing fins with a captivating green patina. So pretty. Those of you who know me, (all 8 of you,) know that my real excitement was my mermaid breast.

Something I’ve always wanted (breast-not particular about the mermaid part) and in this dream I had them. Not shell covered or coconut clad but free, bouncing and jiggling, swaying in the current, ample and full, it was glorious! I don’t know what my dream was about except swimming in beautiful water and admiring my perfect breast and their unbridled beauty. In the water, out of the water, swimming fast, swimming slow…sun dappled through the water onto naked skin…ah. So, yes, you can imagine my disappointment when I rolled over to cuddle up next to my husband. I was only half awake when I tried to wrap my tail around him and press my perfect breast into his back…as I woke myself up in my efforts I was almost mad at him. (He should be used to this experience when I wake up from random dreams… It’s always his fault, though it’s usually because he did something bad in my dream and I wake up ready to fight him over it! Ha)

He rolled over to return the embrace and was met by slight irritation as I wondered where my prize tail was and my ample, breast. If your reading this Dear, now you know. Can we go back to Hawaii now?

One thought on “Mermaids are the Breast

  1. Yes, at 5:00am you told me you were dreaming that you were a mermaid. I was intrigued and went to pull you close, even went to check for a tail. I could tell your disappointment when you rolled away and asked me to wrap you in a blanket. Not sure if you notices but I tucked you in like you had a mermaid tail. 😉


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