Out of his Sight

Her perch was precarious,
dangerously perilous.
Fear seized at him
when she started to fall.
She was slipping,
losing the ground.
He was desperate to save her,
falling down.
He grasped
and she gasped.
She was turning,
he was clenching,

There wasn’t time for a plan,
there wasn’t more than a goal.
He saw only her doom.
Felt apprehension and dread.
He faced panic,
read it too on her face.
His breath caught in his throat.

He couldn’t know the struggle
she was facing inside,
only that his own fear
was too big to hide.
With a last heaving effort,
nearly losing his place,
he reached and he caught her.
Finally safe.

Her eyes fell on his
and a moment was shared.
Only then did he hear.
Alarmed by her wish and
afraid for her fall,
he held on so tight
before he finally saw.

She was jumping not falling,
hadn’t needed a rescue.
She was jumping
and leaping,
intent on flight.

Then with some effort
he let out his breath
and loosened his grip.
He watched as she
into the air,
and she twirled and she circled
and she soared
then flew away far
out of his sight.

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