East Coast Bound

A few weeks ago I was looking for tickets to the other side of the country. Looks like I finally found them (they cost just a tiny bit less than a year of college tuition) . I haven’t told my sister yet. Poor thing (Em, you have 16 days if you read this post before I get around to calling you!) . I better get on that, she will have us for a full week. To be honest I could have booked two weeks for the same price…I just think I would end up homeless the second week. My kids would have a place to stay. She wouldn’t throw them out…I am relatively sure anyway…

She is an amazing sister and I think we get along famously but you know…well we are both Alpha’s (I blame mom.  All of my sisters are just as independent and assertive…I’m just ten or more years older than the other two and the position of big sister still accounts for something…Em and I are barely a year apart) After a while she gets tired of playing nice to my “good ideas” and she eventually puts me in my place. Since I am me…well that only works marginally well. There is always something I end up doing to push the envelope or stir the pot…

I am tempted to tell the story of me smacking her ass when she was in Med School and I came to San Fran to visit…it’s funny…but I won’t tell it. Maybe it isn’t funny to her but to me, the first time she stood up to me and my obnoxious sense of humor and my occasional lack of boundaries…well it was exhilarating, and funny.

At any rate I am more than excited to go out and visit the great state of North Carolina. Home to handfuls of great authors and artist a ton of whom are not even listed, a shame really. Never mind that or that my brother-in-law is a professor for Duke and all the cool things Blue Devil related, who cares that they bombed in March Madness this year? The best part will be smooshing my niece and nephew with as many kisses and hugs as they will tolerate then tickling them until one of us pees their pants…hopefully them and not me!

I don’t use credit cards and I don’t have a very lucrative job so after forking over my entire summers savings I will be eating rice and beans until I get there and then depending on her to feed me the whole time I am there! Have I told you how awesome sisters are? (Did you get that Em? stock up, we will be hungry, I’ll cook!)

Last time I visited I was minus my tiny kiddos and she had a 6 week old baby…This time we will have 4 fully fledged and active kiddos between us and I am already wondering just how hard it will be to come back home and leave behind the chaos of cousins and the warm smile of my sister.


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