When we look deep inside and are honest what do we find?

When we look deep inside and are honest what do we find? Artist Dakota Thornton, Bend Oregon

I roam,
lost in the hushed, quiet of night.
dark ebony before the light.
Far from the noise, away from distractions. Lost on a path past inky diffractions. 

I recognize you.
In the clearings of my conscience,
in the corners of my mind.
Far away from all the secrets
tearing at my mind.
Steal your soul with my lies,
peer deep and long
with your rancorous, eyes.

Malevolent yet, detangled and detached.
You’re too cold to be uncaring,
or even be unkind,
and intrepid at the same time.

You’re not lonely, or leery.
You’re waiting for me, you see my poverty,
my want, it’s not greed.
Don’t hide from me now.
I know who you are
and where you are found.

Look in my eyes
and I’ll look in yours.
No prologue or preamble.
We know who we are.
The strong, not the meek,
bridged over by need.
Hold up my heart,
I’ll clasp your hand.

You’re safe here in me

now that you’re found.

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