Road Warrior

Can I just make one request? When I’m riding (my 10 year old mountain bike, pretending it’s a road bike,) please, if you are watching when I whack my shins on the peddle or almost crash during start-stops, please, if you really are a friend, roll down your window and point and laugh (I’m laughing too). It’s bad, yes, but so much better than hiding your face in shame, especially since I saw you see me!

I got up today at 6:45. A.M. On. A. Saturday. So that I could workout. Mark this day down, now let’s hope it doesn’t happen again (even if I feel pretty good now). At least the pre-7:30 part, preferably 8:30 or better, 10:00…but it’s set to be one busy day and I can get a little lopsided ,as you well know, when I skip my daily torture session (read, demon exorcism). So early to work I go.

Will you pass judgment on me if I tell you my motivation for riding 23mph on my bike this morning, vs my usual 12-15mph, was because I wanted to be fast enough getting to work that my helmet didn’t smush my pretty hair? No need to judge, after the first three miles I had enough endorphins that I quit caring about looking good at work and opted to ride further (I gave myself two hours of time for a fifteen minute ride, why not keep going). So yes, I feel fantastic…even if I have helmet head at work.

Have a great weekend~watch out for bikers!

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