Embers to Ash

He was an addict.
She didn’t believe it,
even when he lit her on fire and began to inhale.
She saw the hunger of addiction,
mistook it for passion.
He breathed her in.
She swirled.
Flowed and ebbed into him.
her a flame,
for him an ember.
She burned.
Impetuous and simple,
she saw only desire.
Believing in magic of shared experience.
A shared moment yes,
but different experience.
Not jaded, she did not judge.
Instead she reveled in the heat
and in the moment
and was consumed,
breathed deep and deeply breathed.

A moment of stillness,
a pause.
She felt the temperature change,
the stall
and then a push.
At first slow and imperceptible.
Then full and hard.
Evicted in a single breath.
She, intent on staying near
swished, and circled.
Her form a shadow,
a memory, a smell
and she clung,
then was swept out into the ambient air.
Dissipating, floating away on the wind.
She’d been transformed into smoke,
taken from her identity,
there was no going back,
could not keep herself
or remake her image,
having turned to shade,
and so it was that she blew away,
carried off in a breeze.

All things burn,
then turn to embers
and embers turn to ash.

The above loose form poetry was inspired by another blogger. Crap if I have any idea about blog etiquette. Hopefully I don’t piss him off… I think he’s Greek and hopefully being married to a half Greek buys me a little blog personality cred…if not, hopefully he comments and tells me to shut the hell up and stop hacking him for inspiration! At any rate, go check him out...he’s a way deeper thinker than yours truly…there’s your heads up. 😉

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