Cross-Eyed, Ear-Wiggling, Tongue-Twisting, Head-Patting, Belly-Rubbing Champion

Oh MY HECK!!!!

You know I want to write a fancy schmancy poem that makes you come alive with raw emotion or write a post about the excitement had by all this weekend when we took the kids out on the town then stayed up late partying with under age minors. If I had enough time I’d write chapter 2 about the little Girl and the Stranger, or a post about the absurd cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area here in the great state of California. Really though? All I really want to do is dance and scream and start packing…

In three days I will be standing on the opposite side of our beautiful country and I will have my arms thrown around the neck of my little sister! Can hardly contain myself. True I have been blessed to see her three times in the last year but I much prefer when visits could happen anytime. When a phone call and a road trip were the prerequisite…

It’s been an interesting year for sure. I have embarked on new career adventures and found myself with three jobs, all letting me keep the kids with me and two of them paying me to flex my writing muscle…which is admittedly a little wimpy but hey, I can’t complain, it’s exciting for me!

All of this means that I am once again on the path of feeling like I have a voice. And that I’d otherwise not have been able to buy the ridiculously overpriced tickets to visit my far away sissy and her nearly perfect children! (Some sister’s might say that last bit in sarcasm font, I assure you that my nieces and nephews ARE perfect and anyone who wants to refute that can talk to me.)

Here is the part where my friends can help me out. I am the favorite auntie, or at least I will be…  I’ve already stalked my purse with sugarfree gum and sprarkley stickers and I’m thinking about buying a case of tic-tacs, orange… balloons are kinda out of the question since one of the babies is under one…(I won’t give him any tic-tacs or gum either, mostly just needing to buy off the four year old)

So…what else buys the eternal love and admiration of a five year old princess?! I don’t have a clue with four boys. I don’t know the names of any American Girls, actually I just learned what those are a week or so ago.  I don’t think she will think air museums are as fun as my boys do and there are no nearby airshows. Do little girls like those the way little boys do, who stand on their tippy toes dancing hoping for a visual sonic boom? Guessing she’s not hoping for a pet tarantula or scorpion…my sister would love me… She’s likely to not be impressed with my ability to name all the characters from the movie Cars or the fact that I can roll my tongue, cross my eyes and wiggle my ears all at the same time while patting my head and rubbing my tummy…okay…that last one is pretty impressive, she might like that.

I’m open to suggestions, really, anything useful? I have three days to be cooler than the competition! She already has an auntie who is a beautician…stiff competition…not to mention the other three auntie’s!

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