The Cheater

For awhile now I’ve been paying close attention, studying his actions, and mindful of my own. Often we spend the whole day together, so it’s become pretty apparent to me. He’s kinda new to it and so he’s still trying and testing me, figuring out when and where I’m weakest or most overwhelmed, not paying attention. Sometimes if he’s already run the scenario in his head and decided he will get caught, he doesn’t even try…

It first occurred to me that I might have a cheater a few weeks ago when he came to the gym with me. We were going up the stairs together.

I said, “race ya to the top.”

He’s six, I shoulda had good odds. That booger! He burst into giggles, leapt in front of me, took the widest stance he could, grabbing both the hand rails and started taking stairs two at a time! He learned it from his dad I’m sure.
It’s just a dirty rumor that I’ve knocked out 18 year old boys to win at the game of Spoons. (If it did happened, they deserved it…)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, cheaters, so I think I have one. I started watching him after the stair incident. While we played games like spoons (except we play it with rubber snakes in the middle of the floor…guess you could call it snakes?) while playing Monopoly, Sorry, even Checkers and Connect Four.

Let my disclaimer be that I kinda hate board games…I just get Soooo bored–unless I’m winning.

Well my little prince does it all: steals cards, steals money, steals snakes (aka spoons) skips people who aren’t paying attention takes other peoples turns for them. Re-rolls dice if no ones looking…

I’m struggling here cuz I don’t know if I should be proud or beat his ass…

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