I get efficient and deficient confused.

I just sat down, while on vacation in North Carolina visiting my sister, to work.


Feeling less than inspired but the thought of someone counting on me to write something for them before the end of the month and not having it done was a good motivator.

I track my work. Keep a running tab of what’s done, what still needs done, what to bill for, what to do to get paid…On the other end of that I am way too laid back. It’s sometimes like I have a hard time understanding what the big deal is…everybody’s big deals, just ask my husband… I don’t have the time or the energy…unless you’re paying me, then it’s a win for both of us.

Since pay is involved and the love and admiration of my boss…gotta say that in case he reads this…I’m giving up feeding my sister a bottle of wine and keeping her up all night remembering all our infamous escapades growing up together. I pulled out the laptop, loaded my pages and went through all the articles looking for unfinished stuff…What the Heck!? I think I finished the whole month almost two weeks early…(my employer wouldn’t say early, but for me, it’s early)

Guess I better go see if I can find the corkscrew and bribe her into an all nighter. It’s possible she fell asleep–I’m exhausting–in that case I might find myself chasing fireflies offering myself up to North Carolina’s freaking limitless number of stinking mosquitoes…the only thing I haven’t loved about Durham so far.

Everything else? Amazing. I love it here…keep that on the down low…I’m afraid it will turn into the next California and there will be no good houses left by the time I come house hunting. Seriously what’s better than a sister living just across town and cousins on the weekend…not every weekend mind you…as ideal as that sounds right now, I’m enough of a realist to know better.

Just a few pictures. I have a love hate relationship with junk food but who can pass up burgers like this followed by frozen yogurt?

Anyone familiar with Durham? What else is a must see or must do?




I dream that someday these mini-booger-eaters will see this picture and the thought will be planted in their heads that it was always my idea to go for fro-yo…thus making me the favorite Auntie. (In the bag…but just to be sure, tomorrow we are ambushing my sister with water balloons — don’t worry, she is too busy to read my blog before tomorrow. Mwahahahahahaha)


I Miss Summer! I miss my niece and Nephew and I — gasp — miss hicksville North Carolina.

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