3 Days In

I got here Wednesday and I was anxious because I really wanted ten days but I only was getting seven. I wanted to pack as many hugs and smiles and giggles into every second, forget sleeping, call it a rave. Although medical professionals frown on giving kids stimulants (drugs) I’m thinking we could just go with straight sugar and adrenaline…so we did. It’s day three and just like any good rave the weak ones are dropping like flies. Rookies. So it is that all the kids have finally run out of steam and it’s not even dark yet.

Tomorrow is going to be in the upper 90’s. I keep telling everyone how much I love the heat… The part I leave out is how I love the heat when all I am required to do is play in water, swim, sunbath, ski, or nap…things that require no clothes or just a bathing suit…so hopefully tomorrow finds me hot and comfortable.

On that note the kids and I did, totally, soak my sister in a water fight. It’s not fair to call it that since she was unarmed.

That’s how it goes for some people, they’re reasonable, have expectations of those they let be in their inner circle, rightfully so, that’s how things should be. They are too trusting because they, themselves want to trust, then just for shits and giggles someone throws a bucket of cold water at them, on them, right when they least expect it.

I feel kinda, just a little bad…but she’ll get over it. She’s my sister. Plus I brought her Sonoma Ca. wine and I’m teaching her daughter to be scrappy.

Now I’ve gotta go. Fireflies are out again and who knows when I’ll be back to see them…three more nights. That’s all I get to squeeze, hug, kiss and play with some of my most favorite people.

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