To Build a Kingdom…

I want you to stay,
be in this heart.
Things that were hard start to recede.
Except now we look at each other,
both wanting more.
Want the passion the desire
want the pinnacle, perfection.

We set out alone promising ourselves;
not going to settle, not willing to slow,
seeking out fullness, passion and fire.
Waking up finding standards set low. Concessions we made
losing resolve.
Cool to the touch,
temped at best, beating just bearly.

I can’t hold my tongue when it’s breaking me down,
I can’t hide my truth
or feel hollowed out.
I am a seeker, an explorer,
almost let the fire die-down.
I don’t crave being happy
or need for content,
I want momentum and progress
and goals to achieve.
I want wonder,
discovery and light.
I want to believe
I want you to stay,
no promise guaranteed,
I’ll play and I’ll laugh
and we can make it all up.
You’re welcomed too.
Not for a castle, a playhouse with tombs and with halls.
Stay for the Kingdom and a place with no walls.

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