There’s a time and a place

Up to now I’ve been pretty kind. I’ve been hiding behind who everybody thinks I am, (who I kinda wish I was). Okay, I shared a couple poems, that’s risky because they are so personal, except who really reads them anyway right? In reality it was you I’ve been protecting from the garish and ugly truth.

Despite this I realize that there is a place for me. A niche, those few brave souls who can stand my particular form of honesty and messed up sense of humor (in the end I may be left with only my mom reading…thanks mom). The rest of you…I’m sorry to lose you. I get it, really. No hard feelings.

In the event that you know me in real life…those of you who read the links on Facebook…please…laugh with me…I’m nervous enough about my habit of TMI as it is.



One thought on “There’s a time and a place

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