That is the name of the team I said yes too when I got surprise asked to run a leg of the Ragnar Relay race in two weeks.

“Hey, can you fill a spot on our Ragnar Relay Team? It’s in September…I think it’s only thirteen or fourteen miles.” She asked.

With a big, stupid smile, “Can I? Sure!” I said.

Now I’m looking at the course online (which, by the way says right in the tagline “an overnight running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport.” my poor team.)  that goes from San Francisco, crosses the Golden Gate Bridge then travels North through a myriad of Bay Area towns and ends in Napa Valley in Calistoga…a total of 205 miles.

The best part? I committed my husband to being a team member too. Such a lucky guy. If my posts end after Sept 19th and 20th have a moment of silence in remembrance of me.

It’s not as though I can’t muscle through six to eight miles of running at a time…I just don’t know if I can do it three times in a day and a half…I also don’t know anyone but the person who asked me to run…so if my team has hopes of a trophy…they may leave me roadside under a pile of rocks…UM, or my husband left me roadside under a pile of rocks…I’d deserve it I guess.


Yeah for running. 😉

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