I don’t watch a lot of Television, sometimes none, I like relaxing as much as the next guy. I don’t like commercials,  don’t like to fuss with stuff, (I can’t even be bothered to properly apply makeup or wear underwear half the time) and don’t like schedules, but mostly, honestly, I procrastinate T.V. away until I have run out of day.

I bet I would watch T.V. if my husband and I both liked the same types of programing, alas he’s into scary (gross scary and scary scary) and movies with a plot. I admit it, I can barely sit through a movie that is a story about something that might actually happen. I don’t want to watch a love story, a lost and found story, an underdog story, a heartbreaker, a story of redemption…I always like them when he gets me to sit through one, once a year or so. The next time he asks will still be like pulling out my fingernails to say yes, and I admit it, I will probably thank him later.

I need a break from my own head, my own melodramatic imagination, I like the impossible. I like Iron Man, Nacho Libre, Shrek any murder mystery and K-Pax (that he made me watch, thanks babe). I dread a movie that will give “nothing” and yet require an emotional deposit from me. I know it’s good for me, the fact that those movies roll around in my head for years at a time must mean something.

At any rate they are too long and require a commitment of time that I never seem willing to part with, so I will stick to my intermittent “show” watching. I do like that, I like to pick something on Amazon or Netflix and serial watch it. Not the same as binge watching, more like one episode at a time…maybe half of a second episode…but every day until I finish a season.

For a while now I have been watching House MD. It started when I was training for Ragnar. Finding myself brooding about how this whole race thing was going to go down, I needed humor, the sarcastic kind.

My husband would sometimes be in earshot of my serial watching and finally commented, “How come I get in trouble for saying stuff like that?”

Before I go on to tell you my answer to his rhetorical question I will stipulate that my husband is plenty funny, just not in the dry, egotistical, chauvinistic way that Hugh Laurie show cases as the mean, ill tempered, ego maniac, genius doctor in House M.D.

I know he wasn’t looking for a real answer, and that he really thinks his sarcasm plays on the same field as “House”, so I answered him, “House is miserable, makes lots of money, and is totally alone, and I’m sorry but you’re just not that funny.”

I managed a straight face but the last part was just me being a brat, not spiteful or intentionally mean, sarcastic.  We made a deal, when he makes as much money as a MD Phd with a specialty in…oh, anything…he can start honing his sarcasm skills. Seems fair, in the mean time, I’m still snarky old me.

6 thoughts on “Snark-a-licious

  1. “M,” Love it! (What happened to a Ragnar post?) What makes this post & all your posts so alluring is that you are willing to shed parts of yourself that people won’t talk about. You reveal yourself in personal ways & intellect/thinking. But I must admit while I was all identifying with your minimal TV thing as well as movies, sounds like you DO have your favorites & give some more time to them than first stated. No????? Me too….while mostly old TCM movies & news programs, I love House of Cards & anything bawdy….like this summer’s programs “You’re The Worst” & “Married”……so bad, so GOOD!!!!!!!! Got to see if you are one of my notifications/comments on my “”Italy 2014” recent post! Hoping so! Missed you. Phil


    • Phil-I have things I like, and I know what they are but am grossly behind on anything current. Not in a rush, it’ll all be somewhere when I get to it-I have no doubt! When I’m relegated to a rocking chair, that’s when I’ll catch up on tv.

      I’m checking emails right now-been itching to hear about Italy!

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