Terminal Velocity

Its Christmas Eve, I am hiding out at the local athletic club–in the hot tub at three in the afternoon. I’ve decked the halls, wrecked the malls, hung some mistletoe, shopped till I dropped, kissed the elves and one smelly old man, then double checked who’s naughty and who’s nice (my husband thinks they are the same thing), rubbed the roast beast (the husband says he’s next). I’m my sous chef for tomorrow so I also prepped twice baked potatoes and mounds of vegetables to glaze and to roast, made breakfast and bread then drank something red, I’ve wrapped presents, stamped cards–that are three weeks too late–skyped bunches of loved ones, plus made all of our beds, dressed all our kids, tended the farm, paid homage (to one of my) bosses, plus I got in my hour of cardio then some weights, that’s just today, now I’m dead.
(Being dead may be a tiny exaggeration, not by a lot, it was getting close to “me” or “them”. I like “them” so I took a time out, refueling.)

It’s Christmas time and I have reached terminal velocity–this is slower than Christmas velocity–the hot tub is my fuel to reach Christmas velocity. That’s when I should be able to muster enough courage to tuck in nice and tight, and fly right into the vortex.

My phones wrapped in a plastic bag, tied in a knot and I’m facing a jet that’s working my thighs–leg day earlier and it was good. You’re my distraction from all the time I am wasting, really though? This is where I should be, relaxing and refocusing. The longest week of the year, with dark falling early and to-do lists continually unfurling.

I hope you got a break. found time to recharge, rewind, and define what really makes you happy, all the people you love, and all that other Yule tide, good stuff. Christmas is for everybody or at least it should be. Sure it’s about baby Jesus and that’s good, but baby Jesus would want it to be about love, he’s just that kind of baby, always thinking of others before himself. So no matter who you are or how well you know baby Jesus, go celebrate, be happy and oozing out cheer. Love your friends and your neighbors and everyone dear and try to not drink too much beer…or eggnog for that matter.

Be safe and be merry.
Happy Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Terminal Velocity

  1. Robert Frost wrote “‘Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.’

    Which pretty much describes most people’s Christmas. Despite the crazy uncle, the hyperactive nephew, the brother who brings his dog to diner, the daughter’s boyfriend who comes wearing camouflage and asks for gas money to get home and all the people around the table who refuse to eat turkey because it is animal flesh……..we go there because wherever family gathers is home.

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  2. M. Great post trying to chill after the prep storm before the Christmas day storm. And you so naturally include the Baby Jesus arriving in your reflections as I would too! –And your message of inclusive Christmas love to all around us & just enough booze to be cheery! Don’t know how you wrote & posted too! -This the most hectic Christmas we have ever had due to our grown kids & gals staying over for days! Hope yours turned out Merry! Ours was very nice. Phil

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    • Phil, it was lovely. Now we are in the “wilds” of Yosemite, freezing our buns and celebrating our anniversary and trying to squeeze in one last 2014 adventure! Kids are yelling, “lets go!” So i think that is my que! Happy New Year, glad sll your big kids think it’s worth the trip home!

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      • M, Glad to hear your Christmas was “lovely” making it worth all your work!!! YES! Saw on FB that you were Yosemite bound…. & thought “why” after a busy holiday! But families have many different traditions I said to myself. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two!!!!!!! Freezing you buns….It’s 52 degrees in New Jersey today, Saturday!!! Thanks & Happy 2015 to you & Mark & kids. Oh, our kids love to “hang” at out house with us. We grew them up brainwashed that the world was theirs to go & do & work & live as they pleased. –They all live & work within 15 minutes to an hour away!!! “Go figure”!!!! Get in some Anniversary Feel Good Lovin’ , you two! Give the kids some money & tell them to return in a couple of hours! Phil

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