If You Hate Running, Even Better

Everything matters.

Or at least I want it to. All of it to have meaning and lessons and prove some petty need for validation that “I’m special”. Except, try as I might…I just don’t have it in me to give a rat’s behind about ALL of it.

I read books. Meh.

“That was okay.” I’ll think.

I’d take that day or those days back.

“I could do better.”

But I don’t. I just sit there replaying the weak parts…
I read your blogs…lots of them some days.


“that’s the best; Best title? Best topic? Best intro? WTF? Did they just read thru everyone else’s blogs and regurgitate? Are we all supposed to be talking about how Mia Angelou saved us or how Harper Lee changed our lives? (No mention of the literary teacher who likely forced these authors on you or you’d never have read them…) yapping endlessly about fashion or fame? Or sex? (Okay-keep up the sexy talk, at least that’s not yawn-worthy all of the time.)

Gag me.

I guess I do care, right now, in this second, because I’m fed up. Rest assured. I’ll get over caring-you’re not that big-a-deal.

While I do care, I’d like to take this momentum and draw attention to all the people that turn everything into a point of contention, a bitch-fest. It’s starting to feel like I’m talking about everyone, including you…[with the exception of my *sisters*, all of whom are bright spots in the universe.] Instead I reference all those people who care what kind of person Miley Cyrus is or Emma Watson for that matter?

Who cares if the next James Bond casts a black Bond? Really?

Why are so many people so eager to go on a Big One for things trivial and, mostly, absurd? Why are we obsessed with getting our opinions validated on everything from peanut butter and jelly’s to feminism to religion?

If all the people who are good at caring about everything actually gave a turd about anything real, like preserving Native American lands and culture, feeding the hungry preserving coral reefs, sex trafficking, reducing our collective human footprint, corruption in government or saving my ass from destitution when I’m old (economy collapse) then maybe the state of the Union would actually stand a chance of getting better.

Instead we all stick our noses up Kim Kardashian’s butt, interject ourselves into any trite experience, carry around our little paper cups full of hot liquid showcasing a two tailed mermaid on the front, and use it all as an excuse to blow off the quality of our work, our health, our moments to connect to each other, a child, a community; shiny distractions that we dump energy and time into while we get slow and soft in the middle (and in the grey matter.)

Wake-up! Go running, run until your brain is empty, your body feels nothing and the petty little distractions melt into oblivion.

If you hate running, even better…the pain is good, helps clear the mind of insignificant and worthless junk.

I’m sure my rant is lack-of-run induced. It’s been two days and my brain is having withdrawals…

When you’re done, you just might find out you don’t have time for the clutter of caring about everything. Maybe, just maybe, with some practice, we can all learn to care a little bit less.

19 thoughts on “If You Hate Running, Even Better

  1. LOL, I like this rant. At the moment I am exercise deprived and starting to feel the pinch myself.

    “If you hate running, even better…the pain is good”
    Oh boy. Okay, I’ll try just repeating that, “pain is good” 😉


  2. M, Holy shit did you unload! I agree & identify with what you said. It’s just that the way you say it so well, integrated with things in our culture & society, my head spins & I could not begin to properly respond without rereading it & taking notes!!! That’s me!!! But as a former runner all my life, BEFORE IT WAS A FADE, I sure can identify with telling the world to go take a long run & then talk to me. I think running hard to exhaustion (for many it would not take a lot!) would bring people down off their high horses & they might find some humility, patience, & respect for the ideas of others…..instead of always looking for self-validation OF THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS & other viewpoints. Our country has becoming one big PTA Meeting!!! I HATE PTA Meetings & PTA types…..I call it “the PTAing of America!” People want something done about EVERYTHING!!!! It started in the schools…..As principals we had to answer to every ill in society! Now the government & every institution are getting the same pressure on everything from A-Z like we used to in the schools. So read my latest post! It’s good! Don’t you find the blogger world exists for each other? I pretty much have dropped out but for 2-3 people like you. Who has the time? And for what? 12 more viewers of my posts? For each post I send an email to my mailing list of 150 & another 150 “Follow” my “Excuse Us…” So my post get upwards of pushing 200 views. Why talk to bloggers for hours!!! Talk to me…a little….please. Geri had her full knee replacement Jan 19 & came home 2 days later & walked across the kitchen without crutches or cane 2 days later!!! Surgeon & PT never saw such a recovery. They attribute it to Geri’s decades of exercise & treadmilling. Phil

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      • M, Just responded to you on “Excuse us…” Thanks for the comment & talking. Don’t get me started on the PTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a best seller, “The PTAing of America.” They would burn my house down after I told them what I think!!! Phil

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    • Oh…and I hardly get two hundred reads per post…but really, I think you and I write to write. Readership is not my first priority…and it doesn’t have meaning if I’m just reading one blog to placate another blogger…there’s got to be a reason I care: move me, make me think, make me wonder, make me laugh, turn me on…but don’t expect my read out of pure reciprocity…bleh.

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      • M, Thanks re Geri. Proud of her….really a miraculous recuperation! She only needed my TOTAL care upon returning home from the hospital that day. But even then instead of driving up to the front door, she walked up the basement steps & the stairway up to the bedroom level. She has been very good to care for & it’s been fast together getting close to normal operation/living around here. Tomorrow is three weeks since surgery! So true what you say about writing our blogs. We DO have something to say! And you are right. The few blogs I DO read, I’ve connected with that person due to their interest/focus/topic. YES, that’s what I was trying to say….that reciprocity thing! I hate that! Phony. Thanks for all the talk……Phil

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  3. But what would people do, if they don’t find out who Justin Bieber is dating? What would they do if they don’t receive a live update, on the whereabouts of Prince Williams and his family? You have to remember, this is far more pressing than the recent arrival of Prime Minister Netanyahu on American soil, for his speech in front of Congress involving nuclear arms. When people were focusing on the color of a dress, NASDAQ climbed above the 5000 mark. It has been proven than celebrity headlines tend to capture widespread attention, in comparison to financial news, etc. Such is life.


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