Will You Be Mine?

Everything tastes better when you’re hungry, chocolate, burgers, steak, sex… mmmmm… so hungry.

We all want hair pulling, ass grabbing, all night long…chocolate. Am I right?

That’s exactly why you should boycott trivial, trumped up holidays like Valentines Day. I mean is it steak dinner night or chocolate mousse night or can we just skip to the ass-grabbing dessert?

I love the idea of a fun day for little kids to pass out candy hearts to classmates, and a reason to make the kids heart shaped pancake and eggs. I hate the idea of a scheduled–nationally scheduled–day, hyped-up, fake holiday, made up romancing day, to wine, dine and sixty-nine me, as if we need a reason for that!

To be fair some of my best make-out sessions have been scheduled. Tuesday night: sex night. There’s a difference between a commercial holiday that tells women they need something sparkly and that this somehow signifies the good things in life, and hopefully, true love -vs- a day that my lover and I make sure that we carve out time for something kinkier than a quickie–kids and jobs can trick you into forgetting about how important that time is.

I don’t always schedule hair-pulling, but when I do it’s never because of something trivial, like what day of the year…same thing with gifts; don’t get me started on birthdays and Christmas!

That being said, some people love the tradition of certain holidays–I’m not a conformist–if you love these paper heart, commercial holidays, fine by me but my rebellious side refuses to reciprocate. It goes against my principals so don’t waist your time or money–not on a holiday anyway…

So my plans for tonight? Salad, one slice of pizza, while watching a movie-at home, then “dessert”…oh wait, that’s what we had last night…it’s crazy, we are wild like that…ha!

All right–carry on folks! With any luck you’re smarter than the average person and you skipped dinner so you won’t be too full when dessert comes around…or you skipped V day altogether and went to bed, resting up for a real adventure bright and early tomorrow no doubt!

Happy Valentines.

11 thoughts on “Will You Be Mine?

  1. M, A fun post filled with all sorts of “sweets” for the reader for Valentine’s Day except what they might expect! You ARE a “good read,” as they say. The way you throw in & around things sexual makes for heightened reading….you have that down pat…a real knack ….. just like the term “jazz hot,” a real turn-on for most anyone. And your main point to reject convention when it comes to gifts, holidays, & commercialization strikes a chord with the closeted rebels in hiding. This will have the PTA types running to the shopping malls to get a fix for fear of catching some of this rebellious nature of yours! You wear it well!!! Want some dark chocolate? Ha! Filippo

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      • M, If you have some time….you on the west coast & with me on the east coast, we can lead an “Equality Revolution.” —Taking back our country & government from the big money & lobbyists, leveling the gap between rich & poor, jobs, better wages, support for unions, build infrastructure, green energy, immigration reform, rights for women’s choice & GLBT & marriages, & on & on. We’ll call it the “Equality Movement,” not Revolution, so we do not upset all the PTA types!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t defeat them & the establishment as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, we’ll just eat dark chocolate! Phil

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      • It’s a nice sentiment, I’d settle for a little self awareness…
        And I’m not entirely sure their is such a thing as equality. I’m not very eloquent when it comes to these matters and words…we each deserve the same opportunities and freedoms but equality implies we can all be pretty, smart or drive decent and that’s just not the case…

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  2. M, “we each deserve the same opportunities and freedoms”……Your words are my definition of equality…. an equal chance, that’s all. I’m not talking socialism. But periodically in our nations history, our democracy has needed socialistic-like adjustments like during the Depression & WWII with the FDR’s New Deal & then the GI Bill………Opportunity to improve & move up the economic ladder. Examples today would be to raise taxes on corporations & the wealthy & provide jobs through rebuilding the infrastructure, $ 150 billion, & free county college tuition, $6 billion. After spending $4 trillion on wars since 2001, these are doable ideas & not radical. Phil

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  3. Greeting card companies, restaurants, jewelry designers and lingerie stores are laughing all the way to the bank, because Valentine’s Day retail figures were estimated at $18.9B. Don’t worry, the people who only come out to commemorate their love on this day, simply go back into hibernation for the other 364.


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