Your Genie is a Carpet Ride Away

Everyone else is doing it. They are ages ahead of you.  You’re about to find out the secret they already know. The one thing that has been holding you back. Keeping dreams out of reach. Click here

I’ll give it to you free. Free, yours for the taking. Looking for gold?

Got it.

Need a new God, follow me.

Get the must have, cannot live without it, best stuff in the world.

There’s only a little more left, I’ve been saving it for you this whole time.

Come a little closer.

Click here.

Want to win her heart, have her lusting after you, practically taking her clothes off before you utter word one?

Click here.

Found the man of your dreams, I will tell you how to insert yourself into his wet dreams. He will be eating out of your hand, calling her your name (instead of hers) in the heat of passion. Guaranteed trick you can try right now.

Rub the lamp, find the geni, make a wish.

Rub the lamp, find the geni, make a wish.

Click here.

Rub the lamp.

Make your wish.

…Sure there’s a price. A price any reasonable person would happily pay for a bigger brain, a tighter ass, perkier breast, a long schlong. Perfectly reasonable.

Click here.

People will be inspired by you. They will be compelled to rally behind you.

The most powerful people in the world are already doing it.

Click here.

Not only will this secret grow your brain but it will tighten up your gluteus maximus. While we are at it watch as we shrink your neck folds, eradicate pesky tri-cep waggle, butthigh will be a thing of distant memory, and no more cankles with this one simple, proven formula.

And if you believe that, click here.

Though no solid guarantees can be given regarding that ever sought after set of six-pack abs, your waistline will shrink three sizes!

Click here.

Wake up everyday invigorated, alive, and ready to take on the world. Depression and fatigue will dissipate, forever with this one simple trick.

So simple. Click here.

Cost? Nothing really. Nothing when you consider the benefits. If you are waiting you are wasting more time. After all, those happy, gloriously beautiful friends of yours and all the most successful people? They are already have it.

Studies definitely almost indicate that probably all your hopes, dreams and desires will maybe be fulfilled.


Any side effects will be easily suffered because you will have the man of your desires, wealth beyond measure, an ass that won’t stop,  persuasion, and witt.

Click here.

Get your new God, your new best friend, your new man, all of it…Click here.


Side effects may include but are not limited to; sarcasm, severe skepticism, a predisposition for bitter ambiguity, weight loss, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, momentary depression, long term depression that spirals into a life wasted, love gone and forlorn, and a realization of life’s futility,  or maybe just endless insomnia. Also known to interact with certain lifestyles, expectations and distort reality and give unrealistic expectations.

Warning: Should not be taken on an empty head. Accidental overdose is the leading cause of fatal poisoning for those with a weak mind, susceptible to wild and rampant day dreaming but unwilling to assert focus, and sustained effort in pursuit of untamed, crazy dreams. Inability to produce adequate sustained effort and ultimate failure is not the fault of the company, any of it’s products or product derivatives.

No Refunds

Click Here.

3 thoughts on “Your Genie is a Carpet Ride Away

  1. “M,” So nice to hear you again…..ALL OF YOU HERE!!! You pulled out all the stops, all your big guns & offer a liberated, improved life to your readers, calling on your past diatribes that we tasted in spoonfuls, now offered up here by you all at once!!! –A very affective post with a real punch! …..but on a busy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to read you now! Missed the hell out of you!!!! It’s a good thing you live far away! Phil

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Phil! You are too kind. Believe me when I tell you, I thought about you often, almost everyday.
      Even wanted to ask how Geri was!

      It was simply a matter of good, better, best…and too many good things to chose from.

      I’ve got another Ragnar under my belt – that relay race like I did last fall. This time in SoCal. This time I got the “coveted” seat with most accumulated miles and ran a total of 24. I’ve also just complete my second half marathon and pulled off some gains there too…lots of training. Lots of fun and some amazing growth in friendships. But seriously…must have 13 posts at the tips of my fingers, rolling around in my head and ready to escape!

      Liked by 1 person

      • M, How nice to be remembered! Geri is GOOD! New knee great & PT done & now on her own exercise regimen & stationery bicycle. I DID pick up a smidgen from FB that you were heavy into the training for races….. so I know how all consuming that is & that’s what was occupying you. GOOD GOING on Ragnar this year!!! You were “the strong man” & ran 24 miles!!!!!! And a 2nd half marathon with progress there too! Yes, training, training, training. And people…that’s what it’s really all about….well 1/2!!! I’ll bet you have posts in that active mind of yours! Big time weekend here with family at “The Lake” & BBQ. Don’t stay away too long. I miss the….never mind. Hope you like my posts. Phil

        Liked by 1 person

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