9 thoughts on “Dance

  1. “M,” After this “Dance,” is it safe to have dinner at your place? Come to our house instead!!! After this dark humor, maybe you would love Patty’s Dark Poetry! She is a Dutch poet I met on-line when she read my France 2013 post on “Excuse Us…” She had me edit/proof TWO of her poetry books in English, 100+ poems each! Imagine! Me! Dark Poetry! She also has written two of three of a trilogy of fantasy youth novels in Dutch…..so I escaped editing those!!! She is 34 & does all her own photography & modeling that accompanies her poems. Here is the link to her website:

    Take a look at her archives & writings. She has evolved & some of her poetry goes from Dark to Grey to Light.

    I finally wrote my next post with photos ready to go. Since I prefer writing long hand, I must now word process before posting. Maybe done by next week. I’m down to six posts a year!!!!! I should just do my little anti-Christie posts from Facebook on my website & I would have daily posts!!! Then I could throw in a longer post every few months. We shall see. Christie won’t last forever. Then I would be stuck with news/political commentary daily & I ain’t David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon!!!

    How are you doing? Stay away from the arsenic! Mark, be nice to Melanie!!!! L, P


    • Phil, I was at play so I couldn’t respond, holy cow! What a cool project! Poetry rocks, especially dark, cryptic poetry! I will check her out.
      You should post daily political commentary. Longer reads really are the windows into who you are and your voice but short commentary can be just as thought provoking. I like to not limit myself.
      Last week someone asked me if I write a food blog, (she was in aw of my mediocre skills and creativity while staying at a rustic lodge…) I told her I do write a blog, except not about food. Then-of course- she wanted to know what it was about. Uuuuhhh…? What to say and not sound boring or cliché? I write about life? About myself? About my kids? About sex? Politics? Oxymorons and morons? Huh…I sure did not have a good answer for her!

      For the record, mark is plenty nice, most days, I just like a little dark twist more often then not…catches the predictable people off guard. 🙂

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      • “M,” You like Dark poetry! Actually, I did not at first & even had to discipline myself to read for meaning, which now flows easily once into it.
        Thanks for the advice re long vs. short posts. To be honest from my inner soul, I think the whole website/blog thing is a waste for me, except meeting someone like you…which is a big “except.” I should be balancing my kind of fun, fishing, & my kind of intellectual pursuit, finally enrolling in a doctoral program.
        I agree that it is great not to pigeon hole oneself re website posts & blog on anything you like!
        Your posts DO catch people with your unpredictable topics.
        I am sure Mark is very nice & loves the hell out of you! Phil


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