I didn’t vote for women’s lib!

This should be an open letter to all the women out there who ruined it for the rest of us. I’m not good at writing letters so I’ll just save you the formality and say that you bite.

There are so many fantastically great things we are now able to do. For instance, today I get the good fortune of sitting in line at Jiffy lube, on a Saturday 400 miles from home in the sun, with a sleeping kid, and a ten year old car that is 3600miles past it’s 2000mile recommended oil change. Thanks ladies.

Maybe I should blame myself for not doing it before or not being enough of a nag to get the hubs to do it. I’d like to blame my husband, I leave the car and ride my bike to work on most Saturdays, but somewhere before that this was your doing ladies.

All the ladies who had to meddle and complain and strip away the few things that were still being done for us. (Yes, I wish I was a princess.) Happy?

Now I sort socks, mop floors, change sheets, clean toilets AND work three jobs, feel compelled to birth children with no pain medication, wash the car, gas the car, take the car for maintenance and clean the car. What the heck!?
Thankfully because of all this equality bizness my husband now goes to the grocery store…sometimes he even takes the kids with him, if I’m at one of my other jobs. (And he’s been known to load the dishwasher…)

I have some choice words for whoever had this great idea to liberate me…I’ve been snarky enough for one post so Use your imagination.

Don’t defend yourselves gentlemen, there’s no need. It’s not your fault, you were tricked too. πŸ™‚

An aside regarding my husband. He does bust his ass, every single day, (even if he’s been poolside since me and the kids went on our road trip) we seem to be busy every single breath we take these days…I just hate getting stuck with car crap to take care of! Grrr…

6 thoughts on “I didn’t vote for women’s lib!

    • Sad. Here’s the thing. I don’t think men are happy about it either. I can’t speak for them but if it were me I’d feel emasculated. Stripped of being able to feel like I could make a difference. Idk. Maybe I’m wrong.


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